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About Me

Kyle Martin is a flute repair specialist from Rochester, NY who graduated from Nazareth College (class of 2016) with a B.S. in Music. Following his studies in music, Kyle moved to Minnesota and immersed himself in the complex world of band instrument repair at the world-renowned band instrument repair program at Minnesota State Southeast College. Here, he honed passion for repairing and maintaining instruments.
"When I was student teaching I saw many students struggle with worn-out instruments. Playing instruments that were in terrible condition made it difficult for students to succeed as musicians since they would feel frustrated with their playing ability. Some students would even consider quitting, and this was very off putting for me. Music should be a release from our daily struggles and is something we all should come together for and create. I want that to be true for everyone."
With this goal in mind, Kyle moved to the heart of American flute making: Boston, Massachusetts. Here he was mentored under the discerning eye of Johnathan Bernhardt and careful hand of Adam Workman at Flutistry Boston. Kyle would additionally receive his Straubinger certification as well as further specialized piccolo training from Adam Pettry at Pettry Piccolos.
Kyle now wishes to bring his passion with him to the greater Rochester area and has done so since 2022.

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